Sales enablement

Sales enablement

A sales enablement app tool is a collection of activities, knowledge and tools used by several departments in a sales organization. Mobile Sales Enablement is about how your sales teams work with sales presentations platforms and how to increase their success and improve sales productivity and thus generate more revenue.

Mobile sales enablement is a systematic approach to help salespeople prepare for personal interaction and sales to potential leads and engage effectively with customers using mobile sales tools and devices, thus closing deals faster.

Hair removal using light

Get rid of unwanted hair growth using IPL. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light, and is called Ellipse on a daily basis. Permanent hair removal with the help of Ellipse takes place by emitting some light, which is absorbed in the individual hair strands, where the color in the hair converts the light into heat and thereby destroys the hair root's ability to be able to produce hair again. It is a relatively painless treatment, and only a small tingle is felt in the skin during the treatment, and you avoid annoying hair growth on the body. A treatment will usually only take about half an hour, where on the legs it can take up to 2 hours, depending on the amount of hair growth. The hair removal treatment requires repetition, and it usually takes 6-8 treatments to maintain a satisfactory result. One treatment lasts for a few months, after which the treatment must be repeated if you want a lasting result.
Avoid using hair removal products 1 month before the treatment, as it may ruin the finished result of the treatment with Ellipse. However, you are welcome to use a scraper as it does not damage the hair roots.