Sales Enablement

Sales enablement

A sales enablement app tool is a collection of activities, knowledge and tools used by several departments in a sales organization. Mobile Sales Enablement is about how your sales teams work with sales presentations platforms and how to increase their success and improve sales productivity and thus generate more revenue.

Mobile sales enablement is a systematic approach to help salespeople prepare for personal interaction and sales to potential leads and engage effectively with customers using mobile sales tools and devices, thus closing deals faster.

Biosilk Silk Therapy
Silk drops - a unique multi-product that is not to be dispensed with once you have tried it. Contains pure natural silk from the silkworm's cocoons. Silk contains 17 out of the hair's 19 amino acids and is therefore very close to the hair's structure. Silk is the strongest fiber there is, almost as strong as steel and adding silk to the hair is therefore one of the best things you can do. It strengthens and rebuilds the hair from the inside, ie. split ends are prevented. The hair is given fullness, volume and a fantastic shine - goodbye to matte hair! The silk drops protect the hair from heat from flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons, etc. - Silk molecules absorb and lock hair colors and give the hair color longer durability. The drops are particularly suitable for skin care and massage , you get baby skin on hands and feet - A must-have in the bathroom. The drops are very expensive, only a few drops are needed (depending on hair type, thickness, etc.). - Used in towel-dried hair to provide the most optimal care effect, then other styling is added as desired. Can be used as a shine in matte hair. - All hair types / skin types.